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We went on top of Africa, hiking Kilimanjaro in family, accompanied by a great team. Our 4 daughters, Frederic and I didn’t train for it as we’re in good shape and it was something accessible. All the way up, we’ve been guided by about 25 guys whit whom we had a very good time. The chief of the group, Richard Emilyo, was always keeping tracks of how we were doing, if we had been eating and drinking enough, how was our day, our sleep, etc. We had very good food, plenty in fact, way over what we had expected. The guys who carried our equipment were friendly. We even spent time playing cards and singing with the ones who were serving the meals we had in the mess tent. No matter if it was rainy, snowy, windy or cold, the were always there for us and every need we could have. I would warmly recommend that team. We took the 8 days hike with a night in the crater. I was not too sure about sleeping so high with a temperature so cold, but it was the best thing we could choose. Because of that we climbed to the top during the day and had the summit for ourselves, which is much harder if you walk during the night we the majority of hikers. Thanks to Richard, Gerard, Nico and all the team, because of you the 6 of us made it to the top!

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Richard was our guide during our climb of Mount Kilimanjaro beginning of October 2016. Thanks to him and his team, the three of us made it to the top! Not without suffering… One of us was very sick. They took great care of her, paying attention to her state during the whole summit. We received encouragements from the whole team! We are very grateful. Everything was optimized for a successful summit!

It was beautiful and it was FUN! Everyone was nice and cheerful. We even danced at the top, on the roof of Africa!! Memories for life! Another very important point to me: the food was delicious!

I can only comment on the guiding of the climb itself since our whole trip was organized by another tour company, but given the professionalism, the knowledge of the mountain and the motivation of Richard and his team, I would definitely recommend Jambo Kilimanjaro!

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My dad and I hiked Kilimanjaro with Jambo Kilimanjaro and we could not speak more highly of the experience. Richard is incredibly knowledgeable about the mountain and it was a pleasure to walk with him and his assistant guide, Frank. The porters were all very friendly. The food that was made was spectacular! We would recommend Jambo Kilimanjaro to anyone who is looking to have an incredible experience climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.

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What an amazing experience…

Thank you to the head tour guide Richard and his experienced team, who provided excellent service throughout hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro and the safari tour. Not only did the team ensure we met our goal of summiting, but they created a fun, friendly and encouraging environment along the way. Safety was always a priority and they were more than happy to help with any problems.

I would highly recommend taking on this unforgettable challenge with Jambo Kilimanjaro Expeditions!

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Richard and his crew were fantastic. We always felt well taken care of and that we had a very knowledgeable guide. Richard was great at preparing us for what lay ahead. I couldn’t have been happier with our trip. I’d recommend Jambo Kili to anyone.

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I did the seven day Rongai route with Richard. We were a party of 4, two men and two women. We had an amazing experience and we all summited. Richard was and incredible guide and I would highly recommend him. His company and crew were amazing and it was a once in a lifetime experience.

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